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Tate Modern to the Palace of Westminster

Distance: 3.3km. Duration: 1 hour

From the former power station and now modern art gallery of Tate Modern to the crumbling home of the UK's parliament, this walk follows the southern bank of the Thames. As well as the fantastic river views, you'll pass by the modernist style South Bank Centre and see Westminster Abbey, where British monarchs are traditionally crowned.

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The Palace of Westminster to Buckingham Palace

Distance: 3.2km. Duration: 1 hour

Starting at the Palace of Westminster, symbolic home to UK's parliament, this walk leads you past 10 Downing Street, actual home of the UK Prime Minister. Along the way, you'll see grand government offices and stroll through the former royal hunting grounds that is now beautiful St James's Park. The walk terminates at Buckingham Palace: home of the monarch.

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Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square

Distance: 3.8km. Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Starting at the monarch's London home of Buckingham Palace, this walk eventually leads you to Trafalgar Square, commemorating one of Britain's most famous naval victories over the French. The main area of focus however is St James's, a district that three hundred years ago was one of the most fashionable addesses in London. It is notable now for its grand clubs, exclusive residences and luxury gentlemen's clothing shops.

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Trafalgar Square to Covent Garden

Distance: 3km. Duration: 1 hour

This walk heads to Victoria Embankment, site of a major construction sewage project in Victorian London. From there, you will head past palatial Somerset House to the tourist hotspot of Covent Garden, named after its use as pasture for the local abbey.

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