Prepared Walks

The walks on this page have all been prepared for you. If you want to customize your walk, you can start with one listed below or build your own by choosing a Landmark or District walk.

Around The City

The area known as the City of London is the oldest part of the capital and the centre of the UK's huge and important financial industry. This two hour walks explores the eastern part of the area and visits many points of interest associated the City's long history: when the Romans first developed London as their capital; the legacy left by the Great Fire in 1666; and the modern-day towers slowly changing the City's profile.

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The Tower of London to Tate Modern

This one hour walk starts at the Tower of London, built in the 11th century after the Norman conquest of England, crosses the river and finishes at Tate Modern, Britain's premier gallery of modern art. Sights also include the tallest building in the European Union, headquarters of the London Mayor and the 1000 year old Southwark Cathedral.

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This two hour walk visits leafy Bloomsbury, once a fashionable district for the well-to-do. Now it is dominated by the British Museum and the University College London, whose footprints have altered but not erased its residential past.

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West End Theatre District

London's West End contains many world famous theatres and this walk is for theatre buffs. Lasting two hours and starting at Holborn, it meanders to Picadilly Circus via the landmarks of Covent Garden and Leicester Square. Along the way, the route visits many of London's major theatres.

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