University College London

These streets contain a large proportion of the buildings that make up the campus of University College London (UCL), the oldest and largest constituent college of the federal University of London. Founded in 1826 as London University, UCL was the first in England to be entirely secular admitting students regardless of their religion or gender. Although his direct involvement was limited, The philosopher Jeremy Bentham is commonly regarded as the spiritual father of UCL, as his radical ideas on education and society were the inspiration to its founders. UCL became one of the two founding colleges of the University of London in 1836. It is organised into 10 constituent faculties, within which there are over 100 departments, institutes and research centres. UCL has around 26,700 students and 11,025 staff. It has around 4,000 academic and research staff and 650 full professors, the highest number of any British university. Wikipedia/CTGuides